Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Little Anxious

There are two things that are getting me a little anxious:
This fun challenge starts today. YAY! I had big plans today to get my miles in. The four year old has his final day at preschool today. It's a Teddy Bear Picnic in the park. We were going to walk up so mom can start her miles. Life always has challenges and I've learned that being a mom doesn't always allow your days to happen the way you would like. The two younger boys have been throwing up this last week. Yeah, the four year old is on day 9! GRRRR! He's so happy and then he'll run in the bathroom, puke, and run off and keep playing. The six year old woke up at 4:30 this morning and has been throwing up non stop. I think I might have to come up with a plan B. I'm a little exhausted to say the least, but no excuse, right. I'll find time squeeze in the miles sometime today. Even if it's on the boring dreadmill, oh I mean treadmill while the youngest has a nap.

I am so excited that these have finally arrived! I can't wait to workout so I can try them out. They are called Powerblock Sportsblock 3-24 Pound Adjustable Dumbbell set. I've been eyeing these beauties since Trainer Momma mentioned they were her favorite. Brent got some gift certificates at work and generously gave them to me so I could order them on Amazon. How exciting that new exercise equipment gets me excited.

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  1. So sorry about the sick kiddos! At least he knows how to get it done in the bathroom--less for you to clean up. I'm excited about this challenge too. I did my 2 miles on the elliptical this morning!