Saturday, June 19, 2010

New Challenge Starts Monday

New challenge for Healthy Wife Happy life starts Monday!
I am so excited! I didn't participate in the last challenge do to traveling and I am excited to get back into it. I know I've done this post before, but I can't emphasize how amazing these women are. This blog is such a huge support for anyone just looking to live a healthier life. I went into this blog only knowing one person. I highly encourage all to join and I can think of a few, not to mention names, who read this blog, who would have so much fun with this challenge. Check it out. You have til Monday before the next challenge starts.


  1. I have to second Alicia on this blog. The past three weeks being a part of this blog have been an awesome motivator. I finally feel like I am able to stick to something and achieve my goals.

  2. Alicia- Kegels are pelvic floor muscle workouts so you don't pee your pants when you cough

  3. I third this suggestion! DO it you guys! It is a wonderful blog to be part of, and it goes hand in hand with this one. I think the next challenge starts on the 5th? Is that right Alicia?