Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Forced Exercise

We LOVE to camp!
My husband LOVES to four wheel!
Until now, we've used our stock vehicles to hit the trails, but here is his project he's been working endless hours for:
I don't know if the picture does it justice, but lets just say my four year old calls it the Monster Truck. The frame of the truck starts at my hips. Why does this vehicle force me to exercise?
Who else is taking the pictures? I get a little scared of the trails my husband attempts to do, so I end up getting out the the truck to walk a lot. Great exercise and great leg raises getting in and out. By the end of the trip, my thighs were sore from climbing in and out constantly, no joke! I don't know if you can tell, but the back tire is off the ground. It also helps my heart pump fast from fear. Makes me feel like I've finished a sprint! (Minus the wetness down my pants from fear :)
Our other choices of exercise include: Puddle Jumping
Rock Climbing
Isn't Moab beautiful!?
Lots of exercise makes this four year old strong!
Sprinting down Sand Dune Arch!
Sand Angels
Rock Jumping
And in the end, the hill that caused the picture below:
Yes, that's a tow rope attached to the jeep in front of us. That jeep had to tow the tent trailer and us to Spanish Fork Canyon, where we waited for a larger truck to tow us the rest of the way home. Still an AWESOME trip and I needed a day to recover from sore muscles. This is the best kind of exercise. You are having fun and don't even notice the kind of exercise you're getting! Anyone want to join us?


  1. Wish I was going to be in UT longer than a few days in October!! I've always wanted to go four wheeling! :D

  2. ummm YEAH I want to join!!! looks like fun.