Thursday, May 20, 2010

Why Can't I Have the Title?

There's this blog that I follow. It's called the Fitness Freak. She was once over weight and now she is definitely a Fitness Freak. I love that name. I often think to myself "I want to be called the Fitness Freak." I started thinking about all the wants in fitness I have. There is this lady who runs in my neighborhood, with two kids, pushing a double stroller. We've labeled her "The Crazy Runner Lady". Kind of a funny name, but deep down, I think I am a bit jealous of her title. Than today, I thought to myself, no more wants. No more somedays. It is today. So, today, I'm calling myself the Crazy Runner Lady, or The Fitness Freak. It's what I want, so I mine as well make it a reality. So if you see me running down the street, whisper loudly, "Wow there goes that Crazy Runner Lady. She is such a Fitness Freak." I'll give you a wave and a little happy dance to go along with it. Besides, I am almost down 50 pounds. There has got to be some craziness in that!

1 comment:

  1. alicia your amazing! I'll galddly call you that crazy runner lady! Wow 50 pounds, good for you!