Thursday, May 6, 2010

[it's here!]

i'm so excited!

my mari package arrived!

have you tried winsor pilates?

it's the BEST! after i had my first baby, this totally transformed my body - i looked better than before :) i've worn out all my discs and decided to switch it up and hit the gym instead.
well, nothing has made me longer and leaner like this. so i ordered her latest package. check it out here
i'm most excited to try the accelerator she's added. i've never tried a pilates machine, but wanted to. this supposedly replaces those bulky contraptions and delivers the same results.
has anyone tried it?

and most of the workouts are only 20 minutes! that for me is golden!
i'm so ready to jump back in and get ready for swimsuit season!

i'll let you know how it goes!


  1. Amelia, I'm so glad you posted this. I'm on my second round of P90X and I've been thinking about looking into something different for a change. I need new videos because I don't have a gym membership and I've just found, for myself, it's easier to workout at home. I'll have to look into these. Are you still running?

  2. I did Winsor Pilates back when they still came out on video cassettes. Now our vcr no longer works. Maybe I should get them converted to dvd's and try them again!

  3. I did Windsor Pilates back when it was still easy for me to do in my dancer years. Now when I do it I can't believe I'm so out of shape.

    maybe I need to break out those DVD's again.