Thursday, May 6, 2010

What's Your Multivitamin?

Do you take a Multivitamin? I was never a firm believer in multivitamins. My mom was just diagnosed with early stages of Osteoporosis, and encouraged me to at least take calcium supplements. My grandmother was also diagnosed with Osteoporosis. So, I've been good about taking my calcium, but I thought, "what's the point of a multivitamin?". I heard a lot of good things about this multivitamin. It's the Kirkland Signature brand from Costco. I thought I'd give it a try. Can I just say, I notice a complete turn around in the way I feel. I have more energy, and I just feel healthier! So here's my encouragement for the day: If you aren't taking a multivitamin, I strongly encourage you to start. It does make you feel better. Do you give your kids a multivitamin? I've been thinking about starting mine, but I don't want them to think it's candy and down a whole jar without me knowing. Any suggestions?


  1. I have multi vitamins for the kids, grace hates hers, lor loves to take them. Because of all scare of them downing the whole bottle, I refuse to buy any of the gummy kind, or any candy looking ones. I would rather grace refused hers than eating too many. We also talk alot about how not to take any medicine with out mom and I keep the vitamins above the stove with the rest of the medicines. I've tried to take one multi vitamin a day (one little pill) but its never made me feel any different so i've never been motivated to keep it up. Maybe I ought to

  2. I have the gummy kind....they have a child proof lid. Caden has been taking a multivitamin since he was born...Gabe as well. e takes the Polyvisol. My parents have ALWAYS had me take vitamins....and I am VERY particular. I have to have quality because some lesser brands have chemicals in them my body just doesn't need. I love One a Day for women because it is specifically geared for women. Patrick takes the Men's. Supports prostate health. Didn't your pediatrician recommend vitamins for the kids? Mine have always INSISTED upon it. It's funny what stuff you stick with from the days when you were a kid!!! I thought vitamins were a fact! Ha ha...

  3. Taking calcium to prevent osteoporosis is very important, especially if you are a mother and do strenuous exercise. If you are breastfeeding and you are not taking in enough calcium to supply milk for the baby your body will utilize the stores in your bones.
    Weightbearing exercise causes your bones to remodel which is normal and healthy but you need to have adequate calcium in your body to allow this process to rebuild strong bones.

    Remember to take vitamin D with your calcium. Vitamin D helps your body absorb and process the calcium.

  4. I need to do better with taking vitamins. I give my kids Flintstones vitamins. They have a child-proof lid, but they should really call it child-resistant. Jake (age 7) was tired of waiting for me to get him his vitamin (he always reminds me very early in the morning!). So he climbed on a chair to reach the bottle, figured out how to open it, and ate one (luckily not more). Kids are smart and can figure those things out. Be sure to talk to them ahead of time about only taking what mom or dad give them.

  5. my kids ask for desert every night.... and I give them 2 gummy bears! It is a mean trick... cause they are vitamins! The pediatrician reccomended them... You can get them at costco and also at the grocery. They also have a calcium one that I give to Delia because she won't drink milk. I tried the fish oil ones before Garth started K... yes, fish oil gummies.... they are NASTY!
    As for me... the last time I took a multi-vitamin I started having really bad nausea... pretty much just like morning sickness... I thought that I was prego... but nope... just the vitamin... so I stopped taking them. I had forgotton that when I was preggo I had to take the chewable prenatals because I couldn't keep the others down... so now I take the gummie vitamins too!