Saturday, March 27, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt Idea

About a year or so ago, my mother was diagnosed with MS. Since then, she has limited her intake of animal products and sugar. With one of her favorite holidays around the corner (Easter), my mom wanted to do something that was not based too much around candy. One of her friends gave her a suggestion that my mom calls, "Grandma's Store." Here how it goes:

Instead of filling Easter Eggs with Candy, you fill them with pretend money or numbers written on a piece of paper. The children then go out and find the eggs. When they get back they have to count all of their money up and see how much they have. They then go to "Grandma's Store" and see what they can buy with their money. Most all of the items are purchased at the Dollar Store or in discount stores. Each item has a different dollar value, so if they do not have enough money, they have to go out and find more eggs. My nieces and nephews have loved doing this in the past. Just a tip for anyone wanting a more "healthy" Easter without sacrificing the fun!

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  1. That sounds like a great idea! I might just have to try that one.