Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What Not To Do. . .

I was kidding when I said the only thing I could contribute was what NOT to do to stay healthy! I do have a few healthy habits I'm working on.

But here's what not to do: Allow yourself to sleep in late instead of getting your workout done and over with first thing in the morning--it keeps getting put off all day until you are too exhausted once the kids are finally in bed after a hectic day and you feel guilty about the dishes that didn't get done and the toys all over the floor because you were running kids all over town since the second they got home from school! Phew, breathe!

Do not: finish off your child's half eaten Airhead candy (blue, even, yuck!) that she was saving for later, just because it's sitting there on the counter and you feel the need for something sweet.

Do not: even think about looking at Facebook (if you are addicted to it like I am) until after accomplishing your workout and a couple chores. FB will suck you in and consume your whole morning if you let it (hence the workout getting put off until there was no time for it). Same goes for watching the new episode of Lost (or whatever show you love) online since you missed it last night. I guess I could have watched it while exercising, but that requires my head turned to one side while on my eliptical machine, and then my neck hurts. I should move the computer moniter!

This has been my day today. Not proud of it. I think I'll go to bed before 11:00 so I can have the energy to try again tomorrow.


  1. Wow, I'm going to like your posts. I smiled as you mentioned exactly what I do. I always finish off my daughter's candy or whatever she is done with. Mostly because I cant stand to see good candy go to waste and I hate half eaten food in the cupboard. I have also wasted a perfectly good morning on FB with the intention of working out when I was done. LOL, good luck!

  2. You nailed it right on the head. This was totally my day. LOL! Okay so my temptation is not facebook but rather digital scrapbooking and it was a peanut butter granola bar instead of a blue airhead but everything else could have come straight out of my day. Too funny!

  3. Marisa, You are so AWESOME!!!!!
    I absolutely loved the post and your sense of humor put into it to make it so fun to read. I know you were just kidding. I just had to raz you. I am so excited you are on board. After reading that post, I can't wait to see what else you're going to write.