Thursday, March 25, 2010


I thought I would introduce myself. I'm not overweight, but I will be soon if I don't change my poor eating habits! I'm really bad at motivating myself and staying focused. Sometimes I forget that I even want to be healthy. I tell myself that I really don't need to worry about it but when it comes down to it, when I eat healthy and exercise, I feel really good about myself. If I eat junk, I get depressed. I just really want to remember why I am doing this. I thought if I wrote it down maybe I wouldn't forget so quickly.

Now the upside. I have already started. I have consistently been lifting and running at least twice a week for a few months now. I have quit Dr. Pepper and have almost given up carbonation all together only because I have really noticed how crappy it makes me feel. I can't run as long and I become really mad at everything when I have too much soda. Besides that, I have done really poorly at watching what I eat. I thought I could do it without keeping track of what I've been doing but I have been failing for a few months now. So I bought a journal today and will try to track what I eat. I wont do calories for now but we will see if this even helps.

Now, I have to confess what I did last night. I was mad a my husband so I made cookies to punish him. I ate at least ten. Argggh, I'm so dumb!!


  1. It's dumb to eat 10 cookies??? I so did not need to hear that! :) Can I wean myself off by only eating 5?

    Past 6 weeks I've taken up an exercise regime and need to create a blog to record what I'm doing and how many reps of each so I can see my progress. My trainer threw in running on Monday and I am feeling it. But, I want to learn to be an ok runner. I'm not built for it, but I want to at least be able to do 5k's.

  2. Ummm, yeah. Guess I could document my workouts here and at let everyone know what I'm doing and what's working.
    Sometimes I'm a little slow!!

  3. I love that you made cookies to punish him. Not that you might think so. But, knowing Matt, that is really funny. I didn't know you were running! That is so awesome. Are you ready for some 5K races? They are soooo fun!