Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Why The Title

Have you ever been here? Some of you might recognize it. I actually thought about you, Suzanne, when I found it. It's Havasoupi! An absolutely amazing place to visit. I'm planning on going back there someday, when the kids are older, and can do the ten mile hike down. I better stay in shape until then. So, why the title. I was reading this article in Runner's World that struck me. It says, "every positive change, big or small, begins with little steps. Whether hitting the road a few minutes earlier, pushing yourself over one more hill, or fine tuning an attitude, you've taken a small but important step. The more you take the farther you go. It really is that simple. So keep doing what sustains you. Take as many small steps as you can. One day, you may notice you've made quite a big leap."

So here's the blog. Feel free to post on it as much as you want. I am really excited about it if you actually share your thoughts. Anything you can think of: new healthy recipes, new fun workouts, the anxiety eating you wished you'd overcome, what not to do (that's for you Marisa!), fun activities you are doing with the kids, pretty much anything you want to share that will help us become more healthy with our mind and body. I know we are not perfect, but we can pick up where we left off and keep going. If you can think of anyone else who might be interested in participating let me know. Or, you can be a spectator, and that's fine too.

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