Wednesday, April 14, 2010

An addiction to food

Hi Everyone,
I have enjoyed reading your posts and look forward to being able to share with you and learn from you. Thanks to Alicia for setting this up.
I wanted to introduce myself and tell you a little of my story for those who do not know me.
I have always been an emotional eater and until last fall I never realized just how bad it was. The picture I have posted is May 2009 right before my wedding. I was at my highest weight ever minus the 5 pounds I had managed to lose. Like most people who struggle to maintain/ lose weight, I am constantly telling myself that I will eat better and exercise tomorrow. Then tomorrow turned into tomorrow and so on.
I successfully lost 20 pounds about 6-7 years ago by doing weightwatchers with my mother. I was eating better and exercising 5-6 days per week (I felt great but just didn’t realize just how great at the time). After a 7 Month plateau, and a very stressful stretch in my life, I regained the 20 pounds and gained 20 more.
I hovered right around that weight until Fall 2009, the first semester of my second year of pharmacy school. Can you say STRESSFULL!!! I was super stressed but thought I was okay because my husband and I have been really good about preparing food at home and not eating out. Well news flash to me….You can still over eat and be really unhealthy if you are preparing the food at home.
I had to buy the next size up in pants and when I got on the scale one day in December I was up 20 pounds. HOW DID THAT HAPPEN??? Well it turns out stress eating got the best of me.
So here I am in January 2010 with 60+ pounds to lose. I went to the gym, that lasted 2 whole days. I continued doing what I have always done and getting what I have always got.
Finally my day came when I was talking to my best friend Molly. She said “hey we should do weightwatchers together.” So we joined 3 weeks ago, I have been doing really well with tracking what I am eating and I have lost 5 pounds. I’m working really hard to manage my emotional eating and reconcile my skewed relationship with food (AKA addiction).

I heard this quote a couple years ago but don’t remember who told it to me.
“my addiction (to food) is much more difficult to overcome than your addiction (to drugs). To overcome your addiction you need to figure out a way to cage a beast, to overcome my addiction I need to figure out a way to cage a beast then let it out three times a day.”

I contend that addiction to food is just as damaging as addiction to any drug, the health problems are just as, if not more serious but take years longer to develop.


  1. Thanks for joining Lisa. I'm excited to have your imput. I love that quote and think about it all the time. You've done such a great job. I'm so excited to have someone else in this journey with.

  2. I had weigh-in this morning. I was expecting to only have maintained this week because I only got out to exercise once this week. I was down 3.4 pounds! Hooray, that made me feel great because I worked really hard to stay within my points and not over eat this week. It may be a bit slower but it is nice to know that I can still lose weight and not exercise myself to death. I am hoping one day I too will have a healthy addiction to exercise.

  3. Way to go Lisa! Put it in as a post instead of a comment. Then people will get notified that there is a new post. People won't know you've put in a comment unless they go back to your post and specificly check for a comment.