Friday, April 30, 2010

Recording Calories

I am in serious weight loss mode. I've done a fad diet before, great for another post later, but I wanted to do it the good old fashion way: Healthy eating, and exercise. Simple right? Well, I have had such bad eating habits for so long. I don't even know what a healthy portion size is anymore. So here's what I'm doing, to teach myself the correct portion sizes and eating within my calorie range. Check out these two sites. It'll give you a range of calories you should be in and an idea of how to do the calorie break down during the day.
Okay that's great, but I never know how many calories I'm eating unless I track them. Have you ever kept a food journal? Studies show that those people who do end up loosing and maintaining their weight better.
I got a netbook for my Birthday. Our computer is downstairs and it is such a pain to go down there, load the program, and record my food every time I eat. This way, my netbook is in the kitchen and easy to record my food.
This is the site I use to record my calories:
Very user friendly
Even has calories from restaurants

I used to record my calories in a spiral notebook. I used a calorie counting book. It was so time consuming, but still worth the effort. Do you keep track of your calories? What do you do to know your eating the right amount of food? Kudos to those who can eye ball it. I am not to that point yet, but it is definitely a goal.


  1. I used to keep a record of my caloric intake. I don't anymore. It was too time consuming. I did it the notebook way. Maybe I'll try that website. Not keeping track of my calories is probably part of my problem.

  2. there is also a livestrong app for iphones which makes it really easy and handy! i've used that a lot :)