Friday, April 16, 2010

Die with a "T"

All growing up I remember seeing the comic hanging on the wall with Garfield saying that Diet is Die with a "t." I will never forget it.

That's truly how it feels some days. I was talking to my Hubby this morning over breakfast and he asked me if I had heard of a certain diet. And the way he described diets through our conversation made them sound like death. A struggle. Something that no one wants to tackle.

I have been through many exercises and "diets" over the years and have come to the understanding that my diet is just that, my diet. It's not the end of the world. A diet is what I take into my body everyday. It's not a weight loss program. It's what makes me, me. My diet changes every so often. I have FOUR diets that I rotate through regularly.

1- The Healthy Diet: lots of vegetables, fruits, protein. To help improve my life expectancy.

2- The Feel Good Diet: lots of snacks, chocolate, french fries, and ice-cream. Everything that makes me "feel good"

3- The Fast Diet: lots of Restaurant food. To save me time on cooking. It's "fast"

4- The Forgetful Diet: lots of forgetting to eat meals. (I have this problem a lot)

My healthy diet is my most desirable diet. I spent 2 years on my Healthy Diet and saw significant improvements to my mood, stamina, and appearance. When I got pregnant this all flushed down the toilet with the throw up that followed. I moved to a weekly rotation of diet #2 and #3. Now that I'm not craving food every day of my life I have transitioned to the diet #4. Getting back on diet #1 is always the most difficult change. But I just remind myself to make small and simple changes over a longer period of time and the diet sticks better.

It's just my diet. It's what I do daily. It's not an obstacle. It's daily life. Eating to survive. It's what I do. And I like it.


  1. I love the post. I've never been on the #4 diet, but I've done the other ones. You're right though. It is hard to transition back into diet #1. Once you are there, you will wonder why you ever left. Thanks for sharing those thoughts. That was fun to read.

  2. What a great point of view to have. Thanks for sharing.