Friday, April 23, 2010

STRESS eating

*disclaimer: I am not trying to plug weight watchers, this is just the weight loss program I have chosen and have thankfully been successful so far.

Stress eating is something I am (soon to be was) good at. Last night was THE WORST run-in I have had with stress eating since I started weight watchers 5 weeks ago. I was studying for the final exam for my most important class this semester. I have been having a lot of trouble concentrating this week, I kept re-reading the same stuff over and over and my brain wasn't retaining any of it.

Being the night before the exam and because I was still not able to concentrate my stress shot through the roof.

In keeping with my old habits, I turned to food. In the past when the stress hit it would trigger some unidentifiable craving and I would run to the kitchen, open the fridge and eat anything I thought would satiate the mystery craving. More often than not after eating everything I could get my hands on the stress and craving remained and I felt like crap from eating too much.

Thankfully, last night, because I am essentially on a calorie counting plan, I knew my limits and was able to stay within them. I had three small snacks and was out of calories for the day so I stopped eating. The stress and craving were still gnawing away at me. I had to turn to non food options for coping. I went for a short walk which curbed the stress enough to prevent me from wanting food for the rest of the night.
I know this was the first of many bouts of stress eating I will face but I now know that I can keep it under control.


  1. i am definitely a stress eater too! i never really realized it until this year. the busier i get and don't have time to cook "clean" i get off course and start craving the bad stuff again. why does eating something super naughty always make us feel better? why can't celery sticks be a comfort food??

  2. p.s. i can't figure out how to post on here :)
    i believe you set me up as an admin, but for whatever reason, i can't get in.

  3. Lisa, I'm so excited for you! You are such a good example. I'm also so glad you post on this blog. I love reading your thoughts.