Sunday, April 4, 2010

Wish List

I have this big long healthy wish list. It goes on and on and sometimes repeats in my mind numerous times a day. This weekend was hard for me, to say the least. Food temptations were horrible. I wish I could say that I did really well, but I didn't. That's the reality of it, so I'll do this post, get over it, and keep going tomorrow. My list goes something like this...

I wish bad food choices weren't so appealing. Here's my favorite kind of ice cream. Boy does it look good.
I wish I didn't go crazy when confronted with chips. These make my mouth water just looking at them.
Okay, this doesn't look so good. A maple glazed donut, bacon on top, covered with chocolate syrup. At least I'm not interested in this one.
I wish good food choices came naturally. I wish being healthy was an easy choice. I wish I didn't have to decided if that pizza, drenched in Ranch, is better than a mouth watering orange.
I wish exercising was exciting and natural. I wish I went to bed excited for the morning exercise to come. I wish I jumped out of bed energetic and excited like Christmas to go put my workout clothes on. But for now, it is almost a daily debate. I love to hike, camp, boat, hang out on the beach, play with the kids, etc, but I also LOVE to eat. It comforts me. It makes all my problems go away (only for the moment). And in the moment of emotions, eating sounds so much more appealing than dealing with what I'm feeling. Tell me, does it ever get easier? Will I ever get to a point where I'm excited to exercise. Where the chocolate looks more disgusting than a salad. That healthy food choices come naturally and I don't have to have a debate in my head of which food choice to make. This weekend was hard, and I am sick physically from stuffing my face with whatever I wanted with the "I don't care right now I'll deal with it later attitude." Please tell me this is normal and you've figured out or finding a way to conquer these emotions.


  1. I hear ya sister! One thing that I learned in Weight Watchers is to tell yourself that you are too "good" for certain foods. I had a instructor who loved corn dogs of all things. She started telling herself that she was too good to eat such grap food. It helped her take the emotion out of the food. Don't get me I still struggle. Sometimes I just tell myself that I just have to take it a day at a time (or sometimes a meal at a time).

  2. Jana, you are so AWESOME! That was exactly the advice I needed to hear today. Thanks for your comment.