Monday, April 5, 2010

Swimwear Giveaway

Do any of you follow Trainer Momma? If you don't, you should. Sign up for this giveaway. She does one once a month and they are absolutely AWESOME giveaways!

Swimsuit season has definitely been something on my mind. I love the style of swimwear of the 1950's. So modest and less revealing. I could feel comfortable in one of those. I want one that starts at my middle thigh and goes to my shoulders, all one piece, no tankini's. I don't care if it's a short look or a skirt look. Have you ever seen anything like that? I'd love to know where I can find one.


  1. Hon....just do a search for modest swimwear....easy as pie. I'm purchasing one from my favorite store...Popina.....but it may be a little more revealing than you would like since it has a low back and is a halter. Google "vintage swimwear" as well. You'll find plenty. FYI - they aren't that cheap. You can find some good swimwear at Kohls...or even check out Shades. Shades is online or I know of an actual store in Centerville....

  2. I've looked at buying a swimsuit from 'Ohana Swimwear, but I bet there are cuter ones to be found at other shops.

  3. You can't really tell with the font color, but if you click on 'Ohana Swimwear in my above comment it will take you to their site.