Thursday, April 15, 2010

Am I a Runner?

Am I a runner?
I often hear this a lot: "I can't run"
The first thing I think of is, "really, you can't run, or you don't like to run."
Let me share with you a story on someone who was a self proclaimed "I can't run" person.
2007, I decided it was time to shed the pounds. My mom was an active runner, so I thought that would be a great way to loose the extra weight. So I told her I wanted to train for a 5K. Yeah, I'd never run in my life. Not only that, but I hated running. January, I made this commitment, and in March, I ran my first 5K. Wow, that was fun, I thought. I wanted more. I wanted a half marathon. So, from January to August, I went from hating to run, to running a half marathon. Soon after, I got pregnant with my third baby, stopped running and gained a ton of weight.
After I had my baby, I wanted to be a "runner" again, but it seemed like a far fetched idea. I had 80 pounds to loose, completely out of shape, and everything else that comes with having a c section and a new baby. I didn't know if I could be a "runner" again. Then I read an article in Runners World Magazine. It had one criteria that you had to meet to know if you could be a "runner". Here it is: Can you walk from your couch to the fridge? If you answered yes, than you can be a runner.
Yes, it's hard to start
Yes, you'll be sore
Yes, you'll be tired
Yes, you might wonder if it's worth it
No, you won't be able to run for very long at first
And, yes, you'll be out of breath, even after only going for 30 seconds
The promising news is, it won't last. You'll be surprised at how fast your legs will get strong, and how fast your lungs will adapt.
And, you'll feel like you can conquer everything!
You're lungs and legs will be strong enough.
Most importantly, your mind will develop the I can attitude.
Here is the trick: ease into it slowly.
Don't jump right into running if you haven't done it before.
It will be to easy to give up quickly.
Need a training guide for a beginning runner?
Check this one out:

I went for a run this morning with my favorite running partner. On Saturday, my mom, who is 57, is doing her fourth half marathon. She didn't start running half marathons until three years ago. I'm impressed. I told her my ambition of one day running a marathon. I plan on starting to train when my youngest starts school. I looked at her and said, "that's in three years. Do you think I could be ready for a marathon in three years? I can barely run four miles." I loved her reply, "Of course you can. If you do it, I'll do it with you." Okay, I am a little to excited about this proposition, and amazed. She will be 60 and running her first marathon. How awesome is that! Is it legal for a daughter to be so proud of her mother?
So here's the point of the post: if you don't run, but would like to try, YOU CAN DO IT! If you can get off the couch and walk to the fridge, you can do it! Look at the training guide. It's so easy, right? A 5K is so easy to train for. Remember, it's just a guide. I never moved to the next week/level until I was comfortable running the amount of minutes I was at.

Do you need some exercise ideas to involve the whole family? Take a look below:
Have you ever done the Susan G Komen walk? It's a tradition in our house and the kids LOVE it. It's the Saturday before Mother's Day. It's a 5K walk or run and the hype of it all is enough to get your adrenaline rushing.

Also, check out this run/walk:
I really wanted to do this run, but scheduling conflicts are not permitting me to do so. My oldest has been pleading me to do another race so she can get more watermelon. What are we doing? I signed the whole family up for the race. It's a one mile fun walk. I can't wait to let them experience the racing atmosphere!
Have fun and keep on Woggling! (Walk/Jogging)


  1. I have always hated running, even when I was running regularly to train for a triathlon. But, you are so right, it does get easier and less painful as you train. Running and I have a love-hate. I hate the way my lungs and throat BURN, and the way my body screams for relief while I am running but I love the way I feel a couple hours later and in general when I am getting regular exercise.

  2. Hate running without a purpose. Period.

  3. Guys! You need to come run on the east coast. I ran in Utah for years, and it was always so hard. When I moved to Virginia last year, I headed out for a run and ran farther than I had ever run before. My lungs didn't burn like they do in UTah. I think it is the fact that there are no hills, and we are at sea level. What you should do is train in UTah, and then come stay with me and do a race out here. You will beat everyone!!!!